Who We Are?


To earn the recognition of brands in the e-commerce, digital transformation, and online advertising sectors in the coming years, to assume responsibility as an authorized dealer in the e-commerce sector, and to act as fully authorized representatives of brands in the digital marketing sector’s online world, to play a significant role between customers and companies, to become one of the preferred companies in the e-commerce and digital marketing sectors, to reach potential audiences, make progress, grow, and add maximum value to brands.


We aim to use our expertise and energy in the e-commerce and digital marketing sector to support the growth of companies in the areas we cover and to take mutually beneficial steps with our business partners. Our ultimate goal is to establish a service brand in the e-commerce sector, direct all our efforts toward the development of e-commerce, and achieve shared success with companies.

Yağızcan Köseoğlu

Founder & CEO

I possess a robust background in audience management and sales services within the e-commerce industry, dating back to 2015. In 2022 and 2023, I achieved significant milestones by delivering exceptional sales and marketing services, particularly on local online platforms such as Amazon. These achievements encompass product sales across various European countries and comprehensive post-sales customer support. Presently, my primary objective is to secure authorized partnerships with renowned brands celebrated for their remarkable success stories on Amazon platforms. Additionally, I am actively planning to foster collaborations that harness both domestic and foreign investments, thereby facilitating the successful sales of brand products across multiple Amazon country platforms. With this rich experience and ambitious objectives, I am dedicated to making a meaningful contribution to the continuous growth and prosperity of the e-commerce industry.

İlker Erçin

Corporate Director

Ilker Ercin is an International Trade and Overseas Operations Specialist with over 20 years of work experience. He has expertise in implementing successful trade agreements in more than 50 countries and optimizing business processes from procurement to distribution. Ilker has a strong strategic thinking ability and focuses on continuous improvement. He has worked in various industries including Banking, Construction, Machinery, Pharmaceuticals and Textile. He has a diverse educational background including degrees in American Culture and Literature, MBA and International Trade and Logistics. Ilker has held various positions both in export and import and has obtained several certificates in areas such as quality management, internal audit, strategical management, and international trade. He is fluent in English and has basic knowledge of Spanish. Ilker has personal skills such as problem-solving, innovative strategy development, fast decision making, stress management, analytical thinking, cooperation, teamwork, high planning and organizational skills. He combined his competencies with Yağızcan Köseoğlu, whom he trusted in cooperation, within the company, Month Store LLC.

Samed Tabak

Samed Tabak

Digital Marketing Director

Samed Tabak graduated from Istanbul University, Department of Media and Communication. He has 10 years of experience in social media content production, brand awareness and search engine marketing. He spent his professional career working in different international digital marketing companies in different periods. During this time, he undertook the brand management of more than 50 brands with his own team and increased the social media followers of the brands by 90% by developing a strong content strategy in all the companies he consulted. By developing the content production strategies of brands, he managed to increase the brand awareness of his customers by 75% in a short time. As of August 2023, he transferred to Monthstore LLC with his own team, with whom he has worked for many years, and continues to work in this company as Digital Marketing Director.