24/7 Uninterrupted Customer Support

We are aware that, for brand value and future of the brand, reacting instantly to the problems of the customers in the e-commerce sector and to develop one-to-one relationships and experience is the most crucial thing.

In this regard, we would like to talk about our service features presented to the brands of which we are the authorized dealers;

  1. Starting from the first experience of our customers inside the Amazon platform we stand by our customers, until reaching the products physically, we stand by our customers, if there are requests and opinions, we realize them and act to improve our experiences in order to take them one step further.
  2. We follow the Prime Day shopping festival days offered by Amazon once a year, and we aim to increase the sales of the brands by providing extra discounts on the products we deem necessary, regardless of the profit margin, and we aim to provide our customers with discount privileges. We also aim to provide the same sensitivity in discount festivals such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  3. Regarding the terms of the agreements we have made with the companies, we meet the customer returns and aim to take the necessary actions. 
  4. In addition, as a professional seller, if they want to reach us about any problem, we add our customer service phones to the store window contact section and enable them to reach us directly as a dealer.