Search Engıne Marketıng

Search Engine Marketing

MonthStoreLLC leads the way with a team of Google Certified experts in the execution of search engine marketing campaigns. Having managed Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns for many companies, our team makes a difference in the experience, use of specialised software and strategy development required to achieve optimum results.

Search Engine or PPC campaigns are divided into three main categories. These are; Click Focused Campaigns, Cost per Action (CPA- Cost per Action, CPL- Cost per Lead) focused campaigns and Return on Investment (ROI, Return on Investment) focused campaigns.

Click-Focused Campaigns are the most suitable method for businesses that cannot track conversions. Although campaign conversions can be tracked, it is used in cases where these figures are too unstable and irregular to be used at the point of decision-making in any campaign. In a click-focused strategy, we focus on maximising the number of clicks for every TL spent. The goal is to increase the number of clicks to the website, i.e. inbound traffic, without increasing ad spend. As web traffic increases, the business will have more opportunities to convert inbound traffic into regular visitors or customers. CPC, CPM and similar advertising methods are used in Click Focused Campaigns. The focus is to reach the visitor in the targeted audience in the cheapest way.
Cost per Action Campaigns use predetermined cost per action criteria for the decision-making process. This type of campaign is most suitable for businesses that can track conversions. Cost per action campaigns use all advertising channels such as CPC (pay per click), CPA (pay per action), display ads and other advertising methods. These campaigns focus on transaction costs and aim to stay below predetermined maximum transaction costs. The cost per transaction is continuously optimised. Especially online sales sites are progressing with cost-per-transaction orientated campaigns.

Return on Investment (ROI) Campaigns are a little more complex. It is not enough to be able to track conversions in such campaigns. The business also needs to be in a position to create sufficient predictive modelling. We start our work by making hypothetical changes to campaign variables such as word costs per click and performing A/B tests. The aim here is to increase the impact of the changes on the profitability of the business. ROI campaigns are mostly preferred by online sales sites. Since the number of variables in ROI is very high, marketing is considered as a whole and continuous monitoring is essential.