Socıal Medıa Advertısıng

Social Media Strategy

Social media advertising is a digital marketing tool where paid advertisements are placed on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and even TikTok to reach your target audience. Social media advertising is one of the fastest and most effective ways to connect with consumers and strengthen digital marketing strategies. If you want to reach new markets and expand your target audience, you should definitely take advantage of social media advertising.

We go beyond your growth targets with our social media advertising services
The ideal advertising strategy is to reach audiences with the highest return potential with a minimum budget. In this way, brands can expand their digital presence beyond their growth targets. At MonthStoreLLC, our team of digital advertising experts develops a personalised advertising strategy based on various data sources, target audience’s buying behaviour, internet usage and other demographic information. This supports clients to reach and exceed their growth targets.

We follow innovations in Social Media

Depending on the development of the Internet every day, digital marketing methods are constantly updated. For this reason, regular follow-up of innovations is necessary. As MonthStore LLC we develop an advertising strategy in line with the latest developments in social media advertising. In addition, we shape the advertising strategy according to the social media platform and the audience to be reached.
The social media advertising process does not end with publishing the advert. During the time the advert is in circulation, our teams follow the progress of the campaign. Thanks to A/B tests, it determines the ideal ad position that will attract the attention of the target audience. Our team submits reports at certain time intervals in order to deliver the performance of advertising campaigns to our customers. In this process, we can make decisions such as increasing, decreasing or completely stopping advertising activities according to the course of the campaign.We also utilise creativity in social media advertising creative work such as photos, images or videos allows us to present your products and services in a more visually appealing way, so we carefully blend and use them creatively in social media advertising. Consumers tend to be more interested in attention-grabbing visuals than long texts, which is why creative adverts attract more attention. Engaging videos or photos that people will see while scrolling through the feed of platforms like Facebook or Instagram will help your ad campaign easily reach the target audience. Call-to-action messages, known as call-to-action (CTA) in the marketing industry, also have a very important place in social media advertising. The designs of these guidance messages, which contain commanding phrases such as “Buy now”, “Click now”, are one of the important factors that determine the likelihood of people clicking on the advert. In order for your target audience to click on CTA messages, they need to realise this. MonthStoreLLC Agency’s creative team creates remarkable designs by carefully working on the colour, size and font type of the calls-to-action.

Social Media Advertising 2

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform and is the first medium that comes to mind when it comes to social media advertising. Brands can easily reach their target audience on Facebook, where people from a wide range of age, gender and socioeconomic groups are members. Thanks to ads that can be customised according to consumers’ geographical location, interests, past activities and occupations, Facebook advertising helps you offer your products and services to the right audience at the most affordable cost.

Facebook ad prices vary depending on many factors. The cost of advertising varies depending on many factors, including the size of the audience you want to target, the duration of the ad’s circulation, the period during which the ad is shared (the price may vary during times such as holidays, official days, etc.), and the budget you set. However, Facebook advertising carried out within the scope of a detailed social media strategy allows you to reach the maximum audience at optimum cost. One of the best things about Facebook advertising is that it allows companies of all sizes to advertise. Since you can decide how much you spend on adverts, we can develop an effective advertising strategy on Facebook even for companies with low budgets.

In Facebook adverts, we also determine in which areas we will publish the adverts in accordance with the campaign goals. Choosing more than one ad space helps to increase the number of people viewing the adverts and increase the ad performance. Effective Facebook advertising therefore ensures that the right areas are used in a synchronised manner.

Facebook ad types are also very diverse:

Facebook Streaming: The adverts appear in front of users as they scroll through the Facebook feed
on their computer or mobile device.
Facebook Marketplace: Ads appear to users who browse the Facebook Marketplace homepage.
Facebook Video Streams: Ads designed as video appear in a video environment in the Facebook Watch feed and on the homepage.
Facebook Right Column: Ads appear in the right column, visible to people logging into Facebook on a computer.
Facebook Business Discovery: Ads appear to users who tap on the title or comments of business posts in the Facebook feed.
Facebook Stories: Ads appear in 24-hour Facebook Stories. However, unlike stories, adverts do not disappear after 24 hours.
Messenger Inbox and Stories: Ads appear on the Messenger homepage and Messenger stories. If users tap on the ad, they are directed to a detailed view of the product or service with a call to action to redirect them to a site.
Facebook Reels and Posts: Ads appear in Facebook Reels and live broadcasts.
Facebook Search: Ads appear in Facebook and Marketplace search results relevant to targeted interests.
Audience Network Platform Specific Ad Band and Interstitial: Ads appear within apps available on the Audience Network. Your adverts can also appear in videos watched in apps in exchange for a reward.
Oculus Mobile App Feed and Search Results: Ads appear in the stream within the Oculus mobile app or in search results when relevant keywords are searched.
In this context, ad models that will reach the target audience directly are also important in an effective Facebook ad management.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram, the world’s most popular social media platform after Facebook, Youtube and WhatsApp, is one of the most ideal channels for social media advertising. Instagram, where young users are concentrated, has an important place in the advertising strategies of brands targeting the 18-34 age group. You may need a professional for the most accurate Instagram advertising strategy that suits your target audience and goals.

If you want to increase your sales and increase brand awareness, you should explore Instagram advertising. Instagram adverts contain links that lead directly to your homepage or the page with your products and services. Thus, more access to your website is provided and the interaction of your site increases. Instagram ads are very popular among both large and small businesses and are most preferred by e-commerce companies.

Instagram advertising has similar features with Facebook advertising. Targeted advertising is carried out by choosing your target audience, audience demographics, interests, location and more. Ads appear in the feed, story and reels sections in photo and video format. However, there are also different types of ads such as rotating ads, collection ads and experience ads. In addition, content can now be made more interesting thanks to interactive adverts, which are now being used with the survey sticker.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is an excellent digital platform for networking, checking job adverts and discovering potential talent. People who want to share developments in their professional lives, improvements in their careers or innovations in the industry use the LinkedIn platform extensively. This makes LinkedIn a valuable advertising space, especially for B2B businesses.

Whatever your marketing goals are, you should definitely include LinkedIn advertising in your advertising strategy in order to reach them and take them further, because LinkedIn is one of the most used platforms by decision-makers in companies today, and therefore it is the most appropriate place to reach them. As an experienced social media agency, with our LinkedIn advertising service, we can help you create demand for your company’s products and services, generate leads and establish business partnerships, increase your brand awareness and help you sell more products or services.
LinkedIn advertising works through the advertising platform Campaing Manager. This platform allows you to set the target audience, relevant industry and budget. Targeting the right audience for your business is our first step in LinkedIn advertising, which is one of the examples of targeted advertising. We then decide on an ad format between message ads, sponsored content and text ads. After the completion of our creative work accompanying this decision phase, we publish the advert.
LinkedIn Text Ads: In text adverts, bids are created in a pay-per-click (PPC) or cost-per-impression (CPM) format. These adverts appear in the right column and top ribbon for users logging into LinkedIn via desktop. Text adverts include a short headline, an engaging and clear blurb and a design that is in line with the brand. We constantly monitor the performance of our adverts. We circulate multiple versions of the ad to identify the one that moves the target audience. We use A/B testing to optimise targeting and continually make improvements to maximise ad performance.
LinkedIn Message Ads: Message adverts appear in your audience’s LinkedIn messaging tile. In this ad format, it is possible to deliver content directly from business accounts to the audience and measure their reaction to the advert. We can view the people who viewed and clicked on message adverts and measure the impact of the ad. We use message adverts to increase website visits and brand awareness. However, we can also use the message ad format for job applications or to strengthen the connection with the audience. In order to optimise message ads, we regularly check demographic reports and try to achieve the best performance.
LinkedIn Sponsored Content Ads:
Sponsored content ads consist of ad formats such as single image ads, loop ads, video ads, single job adverts, event ads and document ads. Sponsored content ads appear in the LinkedIn activity feed when you connect via desktop, mobile, or tablet. Each ad format has different creative requirements, so you should seek professional help to ensure your campaign is managed in the best way possible. Sponsored content advertising can be used to increase brand awareness and engagement, reach potential customers, drive traffic to a website or promote job vacancies. With this targeted form of advertising, you can achieve your goals in a short time.

Social Media Advertising 2

YouTube Advertising

YouTube advertising through Google Ads is one of the advertising campaigns to maximise the interaction of your target audience with your brand. We introduce your company, products and services to users by circulating video content in the YouTube stream or search results. Users can watch your video before viewing another video or come across your content in search results.

Thanks to Youtube advertising, we enable you to reach your target audience and increase the recognition of your brand. We also help to increase the traffic of your website by redirecting to your website. We support your sales through video content promoting your products and services. We follow an effective YouTube advertising strategy to realise all these. There are many types of advertisements that we can include in the advertising strategy:

YouTube Skipable Video Ads: In skippable video ads, viewers watch the video for 5 seconds and then can skip the ad by pressing the skip button. These ads are paid for when users watch the ad video for at least 30 seconds or take an action such as clicking the call to action. Youtube skippable adverts should be between 12 seconds and 6 minutes in length. The first five seconds of a skippable video should be attention-grabbing, as it is necessary to give viewers a reason to keep watching the advert.
YouTube Truview Ads:
YouTube’s main ad format, Truview ads appear in in-stream video ads or discovery ads. Since users can select the adverts they want to watch and skip the ones they don’t want, it is possible to save money and reach a more engaged audience at the same time. The view rate of existing content can increase up to 500% when Truview is used.

Youtube Unskippable Video Adverts: Unskippable video adverts are basically the same as Truview. However, viewers have less control over these adverts. Here, a fee is paid per thousand views. As MonthAStoo, we run your advertising campaign to convert potential customers into sales by making sure that your advertising budget is spent for the relevant people.
Youtube Bumper Ads:
Bumper ads are 6-second video ads that appear before viewing the video and cannot be skipped. As with unskippable videos, payment is made per thousand views. We often use this type of ad in combination with other types of ads.

YouTube Overlay Adverts: YouTube overlay ads are one of the simplest forms of YouTube advertising. They are “banner” ads that appear at the bottom of the videos. We design banners using a message or image that will attract the attention of the consumer through overlay ads and increase your website traffic.
Youtube Sponsored Card Ads:
Sponsored card ads are ads that appear in small pop-up windows in videos and contain a call to action. These cards expand when you click on the “i” symbol in the upper right corner of a video. YouTube video content or company products can be shared on these cards.

Remember, social media advertising is one of the most cost-effective advertising models today. Its costs are incomparably lower than traditional media, and it is also clearly measurable. It allows for broad but focused targeting, from demographic information to the devices used.

As MonthStoreLLC, it helps you to organise effective ads according to your customers’ interests, online behaviours, professions, ages, income levels. Supports your campaigns with influencers. It prepares different advertising strategies for different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and Pinterest, and manages all ads in an optimised manner.

Whether your business model is B2B, B2C or B2B2C, with our social media advertising service, we identify suitable social media platforms for you, reach your target audience with the right tone of voice; we create new opportunities for you and increase your sales.

X Advertising (Twitter)

Twitter is a very popular social media platform since its establishment in 2006. For this reason, Twitter advertising is one of the most preferred channels in digital marketing. There are multiple ways to run an advertising campaign on Twitter, which is often used to follow news, produce humour content or interact with people. As MonthStoreLLC, we ensure the success of your advertising campaign by choosing the advertising model that suits your brand, products and services, and your audience. The types of advertisements we use within the scope of Twitter advertising are as follows:

Twitter Sponsored Agenda: “Twitter Trends”, which is located in the right column on the desktop and can be viewed with the button in the second row in the bottom lane in the mobile application, has an important role in the Twitter experience of users. We run a sponsored agenda campaign by creating a hashtag that will be displayed for 24 hours in the list of Twitter’s trends. As a result, we ensure that your brand reaches a very wide audience.

Twitter Sponsored Account: We aim to reach the target audience by sharing your products or services through the sponsored account. We can launch a follower campaign and use other types of advertising to expand access to the sponsored account and grow the target audience.

Twitter Sponsored Tweet: With sponsored tweets, we aim to reach a wider group of potential customers and start interacting with existing followers. These sponsored tweets appear at the top of the streams of users searching on the relevant topic. We can control the daily and long-term budget, adjust the geographical location and other demographic information to get the adverts in front of the right audience.

Twitter Video Ads: Thanks to the Twitter video adverts we create through the Twitter Amplify service, we can expand your target audience. Since video ads that appear in Twitter’s news feed have the potential to attract the attention of users, we take care to create creative content that will appeal to your target audience. The budget is determined per view and the phrase “promoted by…” is included in the tweet as in sponsored adverts.

Twitter Website Cards: Twitter Cards are one of the best ways to increase your website traffic. We create a card where we add a photo, text or website link via a tweet. There are 4 types of cards to choose from: summary card, summary card with large image, application card and player card. Twitter cards are a great form of advertising, especially for small businesses. Our MonthStoreLLC advertising team selects a card in accordance with the advertising strategy. Then they add the right meta tags and test the Twitter card with the card validator tool. Twitter cards advertising can also improve your ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs).